Rude and not ginger.


Liz here. biology major at The College of Wooster.

All the members of ARASHI are EXTREMELY TALENTED and I cry all the time over them.

I also cry over:

The Beatles & other classic rock bands
Doctor Who
Star Trek
Parks and Rec
Game of Thrones
various Jdramas

Mattdave is my fiancee. He is the greatest!

Don't be afraid to say hi or ask questions either, I love a good conversation with anyone!

Arashi, Arashi for Dream  Ohno Satoshi-kun is my favourite and I am so done  Ninomiya Kazunari needs to stop  Aiba Maskai is made of cupcakes and sunshine  Sakurai Sho makes great faces  Matsumoto Jun won't keep his clothes on  THE BEATLES  My otps  


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The Beatles arrive in America, 1964

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people who are rude to cashiers or waiters or any customer service people are my least favourite people because all day these people run around doing things for everyone else and keep a smile on their faces despite dealing with jackasses and if you’re having a shitty day then don’t take it out on those who assist people for a living and deal with assholes on the daily and are still nice about it

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Hahah hi everyone this is my boyfriend Matt isn’t he adorable

Hahah hi everyone this is my boyfriend Matt isn’t he adorable

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She Loves You/Sie Liebt Dich - The Beatles

LEFT EAR: German version.

RIGHT EAR: English version.


I’m sitting here smiling like an idiot because this is the coolest thing I have ever heard.

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Favorite TV Characters:

→ Sheldon Cooper (TBBT)

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Happy birthday, John Lennon!

You still are not the only dreamer.  Thanks for your beautiful soul and gift to music. 

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To my 50 followers,

You guys are absolutely positively without a doubt

… please accept this post as a symbol of my love.

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